I am an information addict. As a result, I have an abundance of useless facts stored in my head, and I almost always have something to say about pretty much anything. Opinions? I’m full of them, too. I am not, however, a know-it-all. In fact, I love that I most certainly do not know it all. How boring would that be?

I now work from home as a Wellness Consultant for doTERRA essential oils after having remarkable results in my health with their products. Previously, I worked in the medical transcription industry for about 11 years.  My husband, Bob, is my best friend and works in the telecommunications field. I have 3 children. My daughter has almost completed her teaching degree and is the proud mom of my #1 grandson. She and her husband currently live in North Dakota. My youngest son lives in Minnesota and is thriving on his independence. My middle child was given for adoption, but has been back in our lives the past three years. He always wanted a big family, and his is about 3 times bigger than most people have, so he couldn’t be happier! Our 12-year-old chihuahua, Jake, rounds out the family unit.

I have lived in Kentucky, Texas, Oklahoma, Idaho, Minnesota, Georgia, The Netherlands, and Australia (but not in that order). Bob has lived in even more places. We are tumbleweeds looking to set roots…at least for a while. Is 20 years in a single place possible?

When I was young, back before my dream life of having a husband, kids, and a white picket fence (yes, I actually DID have that ambition), I dreamed of being an author. While I went into a career that dealt quite a lot with the written word, the words I wrote were not my own. So, even though my physical body has entered the 40s, my soul is still a kid, and I’m letting it back out to play here .

Since starting this blog back in 2010, I have written a memoir of my adoption story, soon to be self-published in CreateSpace. Originally it was written to be a gift to my son, so he would have his birth story. Friends and writing mentors suggested that it may help others who have been touched by adoption, so I am releasing my fear and working toward this goal. Stay tuned!

Edited to reflect changes as of June 2014.


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  1. Billy Coleman
    Nov 04, 2011 @ 19:12:17

    If you live, growing old is not an option. However growing up, well is totally optional.Dear God please never let me grow up. I don’t want to die inside.

    I feel ya sister


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