Revival of the Fittest

Ah well…what do they say about good intentions? Here it is – about 18 months since the last post…and what I have I written and accomplished since then?

Obviously I failed miserably at updating this blog. Also, I still do not speak Spanish. Perhaps I have learned (again) that I shouldn’t make a promise that I’m not sure I can keep. We’ll see. Image

I did check a few things off the list. I finished writing my book and did publish a copy for my son. I have been putting off publishing it for the public because when I really think about it, the prospect is a bit scary. I am coming to terms with it now, so efforts will go forward again to do a few edits and set it up in CreateSpace rather than Blurb so it can be easily available on Amazon.

I also completed my associates degree in business administration. With a 4.0 average, no less. I’m not using it though. I guess you could call it my backup plan but I am spending my time getting my passion work business off the ground.

I successfully became a grandma (Whew! That was hard!) to the cutest and sweetest little boy, but I am not able to visit often enough as his parents live in a different state.

Speaking of different states…my husband accepted a job position in the south. During this past summer he moved down to Georgia while I stayed in Minnesota to finish my semester in school and sell the house. Our son graduated from high school and decided to stay put, but he did help me pack up the moving truck when I followed Bob to the land of sunny skies and peach trees on every corner. We found and bought another house. Our first empty nest. I think I’m done moving for a while now, please and thank you. Some things you just can’t foresee happening though, right?


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