You Are Who I Am…Thanks!

It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is in less than a week! Several of my friends on Facebook have been posting a daily gratitude, making the entire month a time of thanks-giving.  I have enjoyed reading the messages, but I thought I would write my own here.

First of all, I want to thank the United States taxpayers – especially the ones in the early 1990s.  Without your support, I would not have had the food stamps and WIC vouchers that fed me and my daughter.  I would not have had the $132 a month to buy diapers, yard sale/thrift store clothing, and the odd toy for Nikole.  I would not have been able to take her to the doctor for her well check visits or when she was sick.  I very much appreciate the hand up when I needed it so badly, and I am proud that I have been able to work and contribute my own tax dollars to the till in the years since.

I want to thank every person who has stolen my belongings, injured my body, and taken advantage of my good will.  Even though I doubt any of them will ever read these words, I am grateful to them.  They have been my greatest teachers.  I have learned so much and my spirit has grown taller because of those lessons.

I want to thank each and every friendly face (or note) I have ever had the chance to meet.  You enrich my daily existence and give me sustainable hope.  You are the vitamins for my soul and the icing on my cake!  My heart is so full, and I love you for it.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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