Reality Show This!

While flipping through channels the other day, a scene popped up of a very drunk, unhappy woman in the back of what appeared to be a limousine mouthing off about another person. What she was saying was very bleeped and very hurtful, and she was obviously being baited by an off-screen person. As soon as Bob and I realized it was one of those “reality shows,” we were out of there. However, those few seconds that were witnessed gives me pause for thought.

We all have that voyeuristic impulse, a certain curiosity to know how others live. Perhaps we want to compare our own experiences with theirs and seek other ways of dealing with similar issues. Maybe we are just plain nosy. 🙂 My feeling is that reality shows hone in on our innate curiosity and then manipulate us in a negative way for their ratings. I don’t watch them because the impression I have is that they aren’t much different than a drawn out Jerry Springer show. Maybe I’m wrong, but the snippets I get from glancing at magazines in the grocery aisles or headlines from “news” sources back this up.

What happens when we watch such behavior on a regular basis? Are we somehow led to believe that our lives should be just as dramatic? I mean, aren’t these real people having real experiences while our own lives, with the day-to-day responsibilities, are just boring and dull in comparison? I disagree. These are manufactured realities whose main goal is high ratings, no matter who gets hurt.

I guess these shows don’t appeal to me because I am happy and content to live in as peaceful and loving an environment as possible. Life really is just as exciting without all the hate-drama, and it feels better too. Much like Dr. Andrew Weil advocated having a “news fast,” I have found that having a “toxic behavior fast” has done me a world of good. No one has to play the victim role, and no one has to surround themselves with drama to feel relevant in my world, and I like it that way.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kate Robertson
    Oct 29, 2010 @ 13:20:50

    I so agree with you on this. I used to watch Law and Order and at one point I thought do I need to be seeing all this violence. I thought no I don’t and I feel better not to have all that negativity in my life. I used to be a news junky too and now I rarely watch and I am a much happier person. It makes a big difference.


  2. elizabethsaidso
    Nov 01, 2010 @ 07:46:52

    Kate, I have noticed the same thing. And the less I watched of what I think are “negative” shows, the less I even felt drawn to them. I can honestly say I don’t miss them at all – and it has “bled” into other areas of my life and made me more aware of how negativity from people can have the same effect. 🙂


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