Creative Meditation

It’s hard to avoid the topic of meditation these days. It’s no longer “just for yogis” anymore and has hit mainstream health markets in a big way. The health benefits of meditation are proven and encompass both the mind and body, and, it’s free – Bonus! There are DVDs, CDs, books, classes, internet sites, and so on to instruct one on how to meditate, but I have always struggled with these traditional forms of meditating. My mind seems to be constantly on the move, which may be why my mouth is so active. This would explain why I regularly seem to be inserting one or both of my feet into said mouth after some “witty” thought takes the closest exit and bypasses the brain. Perhaps I’m here to learn how to be apologetic, because I sure have gotten a lot of practice at it. But I digress…

I have had some frustrating attempts at watching my thoughts and letting them go… It all sounds so easy in theory. Perhaps I have a fear of having an “empty” brain. I’ve gotten quite attached to all the clutter up there…after all, you never know when you might need THIS thought, so isn’t it best to hang on to it? Lately it has become easier for me, but I no longer listen to what has worked for others. I have finally tuned in to how my mind wants to meditate and it doesn’t want to be “controlled” or “tamed” as espoused by many methods.

For one thing, I don’t usually have the time to just sit and meditate in a quiet room, which is a common prerequisite for the more traditional practices. I have a homeschooled teenager and a Chihuahua in a small apartment, after all. Peace and solitude can be hard to come by. Besides, if I have time to sit in a quiet room, I want to take advantage of it and read! I don’t take those blessings for granted…

I’ve recently discovered that I have been meditating for years. I’m drawn to activities that nourish my creative spirit, and have come to the realization that they ARE my meditations. Stringing beads and wrapping wire are one of my forms of meditation. The flow of thought that can be witnessed while being focused on the task at hand is a meditation for me. When I am able to cook at my own pace, instead of rushing due to a busy day, I am meditating. Repetitive movements while crocheting or knitting a blanket is a meditation. For me, it’s a conversation that once acknowledged, is calmed. If this doesn’t make sense, then it’s not your method. 😉

Since I have come to realize that meditation has made its way into my life in creative ways, I have incorporated it in other places such as in the shower and even while waiting in long grocery lines. It has certainly reduced my stress levels and I’m no longer anxious about not being able to meditate!

Do you meditate? Have you tried the traditional methods and found that you are one of those round pegs trying to fit in a square hole? Have you, too, found your own method of meditation?


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